Being Cautious with Your Sales Pitch

So today I’m going to discuss being cautious with your sales pitch when selling final expense. If you’re reading this you’re probably asking yourself “what do you mean by being cautious with your sales pitch?”. Well, let’s say you’re in the home with a client and you are planning to lead off with your favorite carrier. You tell the client “I’ve got this company you’re going to qualify for and you’re going to get a free will etc.”. What you’re basically doing is you’re selling the benefits and the value of why they should buy from you yet you haven’t even asked essential health questions. Maybe you did in fact ask and they said oh I’m fine nothing’s wrong with me. But you must remember to ask about medication, about heart attacks, and strokes. Trust me when I say that I’ve been in the home with a senior before when they told me their health was fantastic and they said: “I’m doing great”. If a client tells me that they’re in excellent shape my mind automatically assumes immediate issue no questions asked.

So you bring out the best final expense programs and lay them out for them you get to a question about medication and they say “oh yes I do take meds” and they start bringing you medication and they got to have their grandson bring some in and their granddaughters got to help him carry this medicine in and you know you say to yourself “I thought they were in good health” now you got to retract some of those Final Expense plans and that free will you promised because you can’t go there. All because you were sloppy and didn’t ask the right questions in other words you ran into the pitch and you didn’t walk into the sale. In my last article, I talked about your remembering your ABC’s (always be selling). We have to remember that you have to pitch to make a sell but you don’t always make a sell when you pitch. Focus on the sell, ask the right questions and don’t get caught up with selling to certain carriers because they’re your favorite or trying to sell a client the cheapest plan. It’s important to ask the right questions and let the client walk you into the sale with their answers.