Final Expense ABCs (Always be selling)

Let’s discuss ABC’s always be closing. Keep in mind that the only way that you can get your mindset into always be closing, is to keep your approach as simple as possible. My thoughts are that ninety-five percent of the people we deal with are just normal people just like yourself and I. We must be careful when we’re speaking in regards to using big words, and especially keep it simple by not trying to impress prospective clients with all the knowledge we have and evidence of how the program works. Though being a knowledgeable agent is the key to having success in the final expense market, sometimes you can intimidate people. Although some clients may say “this guy or girl knows what they’re talking about” you have to figure out when you are across from the client if its worth it to throw around all the bells and whistles of the industry lingo. You have to remember that actions speak louder than words when it comes to closing. Because what you want to get into thinking is that you’re a walking brand, a mere billboard walking around with blinking lights and even better you can SPEAK! You can ask questions and answer them. Think about when you’re driving on the highway and you see that big billboard and you see “visit McDonald’s” or “visit this new place” with an arrow going down to an image of new homes being built. One of the best things to take advantage of is being your own personal brand and practicing your ABCs. In doing so and with the right tools you can go very far in the Final Expense industry.

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